Wishes are superficial and holds no true meaning to it, much like a placebo. A wish exist only to satisfy human emotions, social interactions and spiritual well being. People always wish for something to happen. The simple wish brings hope and the confidence to believe something is more likely to occur. When you wish a friend Happy Birthday, nothing is done to ensure that your friend is going to be happy on his birthday. There is no guarantee. But the wish can have some considerable effect, it induces a sense of recognition , and appreciation. It enhances the social interaction and better bond two parties together. It is spectacular how a simple word can serve such purpose. It all boils down to our little emotional brain.

The possession and exhibition of emotions, appears to be exclusive to Humans, and maybe a few other complex organisms. Emotions is not well understood, but it is essential in human-level decision making and reasoning.

Before Artificial Intelligence can achieve a quantum leap to the next level, emotions will probably have to be well defined and understood. And I think it would not happen until we Human complete brain and neurons mapping and understanding.


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