NextAnomaly, came about when I was once attending Nanyang Technological University‘s Open House seminar. There was this Electrical & Electronic Engineering Professor introducing prospective freshmen on the possible prospect upon graduating from the course. He showed us a graph of his graduates starting salaries, and proudly point to us certain outstanding students that are able to command S$8k – S$10k starting pay, compared to the S$3k – S$4k average. He considered these high achieving students as an anomaly, an inconsistent data point.

But for me, I have a slightly broader definition of an anomaly. Instead of classifying students and defining success based on their paycheck, I prefer to recognize people that contributes towards human race and fast forward our technological advancement. A few of such people that I admire are Elon Musk, Michio Kaku, Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and many more. I consider these people as the true anomaly, the anomaly of mankind that brings ideas, changes and advancement for the Human race.

The blog will be related to techonlogy, science, entrepreneurship and ideas.



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